“We don’t expec…

“We don’t expect miracles – we simply hope the students at WPISD are able to complete a simple auto mechanics or culinary arts programs so that they can then pursue a certificate that is actually marketable when they leave our district. We don’t offer students certificates that make them job ready. That’s never been in our plans.”


One thought on ““We don’t expec…

  1. As one of the districts that finds itself on the lower-performing school lists, and scheduled for monitoring for school 2013-2014, Wills Point ISD barely slipped by the monitoring due to federal and state budget cuts, which cut the list of monitored schools and WPISD – through pure dumb luck- found that it had slipped through the cracks…this time.

    Scores for the schools have been consistently below the state group standards and deficiencies identified on many campuses.

    At the High School, for example, the goals for the students are stuck … thinking that it is a GREAT thing for students to be able to spend a large part of his or her day playing around in an automotive technology program or in a culinary arts program. The only way that these programs will provide any benefit for graduates is if they provide a certificate that will allow the to walk into a business and to immediately go to work.

    The cost of tuition, fees, books, and board have increased significantly in the past five years and interest rates on student loans make type of debt a bad risk…especially if one does not complete a degree and find work. Obamacare also looms as another expense that college students must include in his or her budgets and a consideration in long-term planning.

    Only a small fraction of students will actually pursue the needed requirements to complete an automotive technician certificate or a culinary arts certificate…and many students are curious as to why monies are not focused on building an Early College – one in which students earn a complete Associates Degree before they graduate from high school.
    This program would; however, force bad superintendents and administrators to change their destructive personnel decisions and actions and would force a new leadership style that attracts, keeps, and encourages those with master’s degrees to teach in the district and to want to stay. To date, that simply hasn’t happened. With only one dual credit teacher on a full-time basis, opportunities for students to earn college credit are limited and require special work by students – in addition to completing regular high school course work.

    Should WPISD’s new T-Shirts Read:

    WPISD: Churning out Grease Monkeys and Short Order Cooks

    Is that the best that WPISD can do?

    Apparently so.

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